about mark bivens 「マーク ビベンズ」

mb_blog_about_photoI am passionate about reggae music, sumo, and triathlons. For my day job, I pretend to be a VC, investing in promising digital media and software ventures.

Before becoming a venture capitalist, I started three tech companies: two failures and one modest success. As a VC, my track record is slightly less disastrous (though only slightly). Most impressive is my anti-portfolio, i.e. the deals that got away.

I am currently a Venture Partner with a Paris-based fund called Truffle, and I shuttle between Europe and Japan. Here’s how to pitch me.

Current board seats: CoolGames, Kang, LeadMedia Group, Makazi, NetMediaEurope, QuantCube, and the AfricaTri Foundation.

Past exits include: Birdview (acq. by Constellation Software), CCI Publishers, Capsule (acq. by JMI Equity), Cerent (acq. by Cisco), Domain Appraisers, ITMasters (acq. by BMC Software), Keyyo (IPO), Momac (acq. by Sandvine), PeopleCube (acq. by Asure Software), Vision/IQ (acq. by MG International), and Video-On (acq. by V-Span).

[Note: the views expressed in this blog are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Truffle, the Fédération Française de Triathlon, the Japan Sumo Association, nor the International Association of Reggae Artists and DJs.]


business email: mark(at)tvc(dot)vc
personal email: mark(at)rude(dot)vc

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