• Meilleurs Voeux 2011 !

    December 31, 2010

    Customarily corny new year’s greeting, as is compulsory for any tech VC to prove he’s “hip” and “gets it”… Watch this only if you have absolutely nothing better to do for 5 minutes… voeux 2011

  • Macro vs Micro

    December 29, 2010

    As we close out the previous year and begin a new one, there is a natural tendency to make resolutions and set goals for the year to come.  This of course holds true in many walks of life, e.g. enrolling in a gym membership, resolving to improve personal relationships, committing to advance one’s career, etc. […]

  • Dollars over euros

    December 8, 2010

    An article in the Wall Street Journal today, ironically during the LeWeb conference in Paris, reports on the tremendous funding gap between the size of later stage deals signed in Europe compared to those in the U.S., particularly concerning deals exceeding $5 million in investment size. While I’ve written before about the scarcity of venture […]

  • The G2: my new number 1

    December 5, 2010

    About a year ago, Bill Gurley penned an excellent write-up called Android or iPhone ? Wrong Question, which submitted that both Google and Apple and will dominate the smartphone market while injuring innocent bystanders.  With the accelerating growth spurt of Android-compatible devices and the increasing propensity of app developers to limit themselves to these two […]

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