• Slush Asia 2016

    April 27, 2016

    I’ve written before about how European startups should consider prioritizing Asia (even before the U.S.) in their global expansion. Many overlooked Asian countries – particularly Japan and South East Asia – represent open fields of opportunity, either for customer expansion or revenue enhancement. They also represent fertile ground for innovation, which can close the feedback […]

  • Mobile Gaming: Is it Gotcha time for Gacha ?

    April 16, 2016

    Four years ago almost exactly to the day, I mused about this period of disruption and renewal signified by sakura (cherry blossoms). The blooming of the sakura in Japan marks the arrival of spring, representing not only a renewal of the seasons but also a rebirth of many facets of life: the start of a […]

  • Mobile messaging: is it (finally) the Americans’ time ?

    April 12, 2016

    Long time readers of this blog will recognize my fascination with mobile messaging apps for a while now (Don’t shoot the Messenger, Line vs WeChat, My personalized Line stickers, etc.). For years now I’ve argued that the modern wave of messaging rose in Asia, with the West playing catch-up. Last year I wrote about my […]

  • A European perspective on Japan Fintech

    April 7, 2016

    Yesterday I was unexpectedly invited to join a live broadcast at the Tokyo Bankers Association discussing Fintech. It appears that many of the market dynamics affecting the financial sector in Europe are similar in Japan, so I touched on these. While one could argue that the landscape for European Fintech startups has reached saturation levels […]

  • Weekend fun: Buy, Sell, or Hold

    April 2, 2016

    On a recent homecoming visit to Silicon Valley I played a little Buy, Sell, or Hold? with a bunch of smart people out there. Here are the results: (For those not familiar with the game: Buy, Sell, or Hold? is quite simple. If <X> were a stock, would you buy, sell, or hold ?) . […]

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