Act Globally, Eat Locally

February 1, 2017

By 2050, we’ll need to find a way to feed 9.7 billion people.

Current food production methods will not suffice. They’re too inefficient (it takes at least 9 calories of food production to produce 1 calorie of edible meat) and harmful to the environment (see Environmental impacts of farming). Many developed countries will even struggle to meet their Paris Climate Accord commitments.

Fortunately, some fascinating new innovations in agritech are emerging. Vertical farming, plant-based meats, lab-grown foods, drone-enhanced farming to name a few.

Japan is one of the most forward-thinking countries in this area. The government as well as a number of Japanese industrial groups are seeking to spur innovation in this domain. I’ve been solicited to help identify investment opportunities in agritech startups that are interested to explore the Japanese market.

Beyond finally learning how to distinguish a tasty tomato from a bland one, I’m still a neophyte investor in this domain and eager to learn more. Any relevant technology startups innovating in agriculture and interested in Japan are welcome to contact me.

Furthermore, Asia’s largest agritech summit will take place in Tokyo in May and is worth a look.

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