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September 1, 2017

With September marking the return from summer holidays in most countries, it’s a good time to reflect on a new professional challenge. To spur the creative juices, here are some current job openings within my current investment portfolio. There are a ton of incredible opportunities here in exciting locales, so take a look !


  • Front-end developer
  • HTML5 game developer
  • JavaScript SDK developer
  • Medior back-end java developer
  • Multiplayer back-end java developer


  • Community & Social Media Manager – SaaS firm
  • Growth Hacker — Sharing economy marketplace


  • Back-end java developer — AI startup


  • Sales and business developer — Adtech firm


  • Back-end java developer — AI startup
  • Content marketing manager — Consumer app
  • Front-end developer — AI startup
  • Front-end developer — Consumer app
  • Inbound content marketer — AI startup
  • Investment Manager — IoT VC fund (min 3 yrs experience)
  • Web designer — Fintech startup

And of course, internship opportunities abound, particularly in France, Holland, and Japan.

Any interested candidates are welcome to send me your CV by email, and I’ll facilitate an introduction.


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