Station F now accepting applications

December 9, 2016

Last summer I publicly weighed in — part tongue-in-cheek without being asked but part seriously — on what I thought Station F’s big hairy audacious goal should be: namely, become the startup hub of Europe.

Calling itself the world’s largest startup campus (love the ambition), Station F is now accepting applications from startups worldwide. This strikes me as an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a project that could become monumental. Backed by Xavier Niel and ably managed by the talented Roxanne Varza, Station F aims to house an entire startup ecosystem under one big roof.

If I weren’t based in Tokyo now I’d seriously consider setting up an office for our fund inside Station F, as other smart VCs like Ventech, Kima, and Daphni are doing.

My advice (again free and unsolicited): if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur in the market for a European office base, consider applying to Station F’s on-site residency program now.


posted in venture capital by mark bivens

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