2017 Startup holiday gift guide

December 11, 2017

Back by popular request, I’ve compiled a holiday gift guide featuring companies and projects in which I’ve invested or have been involved in some form.

  1. La Belle Assiette. Host your family and/or friends to a delicious dinner party prepared by a professional chef at your home with La Belle Assiette. Here are some free credit vouchers for France, Belgium, and the UK.
  2. Ledger wallet. Now that your cryptocurrency has appreciated into more than pocket money, be sure to store it securely. Ledger offers one of the most elegant hardware cryptowallets on the market. You can order a Ledger wallet online or directly in person at La Maison du Bitcoin if you’re in Paris.
  3. Revolut. Speaking of cryptocurrency, London-based fintech startup Revolut has recently introduced simple transactions in bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. Join the beta with this referral link.
  4. TransferWise. For those with a need to send or receive international money transfers in fiat currency, I cannot praise enough TransferWise‘s new Borderless Account. Here’s a referral link for a free transfer.
  5. Keyyo. The Keyyo Smartstation (designed by Invoxia) is a sleek IP phone console whose user experience exceeds every other desk phone I’ve ever tried. It also doubles as a high-fidelity bluetooth speaker.
  6. Kang. Give someone the gift of a logo, website, custom video, or other creative digital arts service from the Kang marketplace.
  7. Japan: Bitcoin #1. Last but not least, help me surpass 1000 copies sold by purchasing my book about cryptocurrency in Japan. You might be surprised to discover how Japan has become the bitcoin leader. At minimum, you’ll support a good cause, as profits are directed to Japan’s Tohoku region.

I wish everyone an enjoyable holiday season !

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