AMEX France insults my intelligence

July 27, 2011

I’m certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but some gifts are so insincere that even I can smell them a mile away. The recent policy change presented by American Express France to their Air France Amex Gold card stinks.

According to a recent mailer, starting November 18 this year, my Air France Amex card will offer 15 Flying Blue miles for every 10€ spent with Air France, KLM, and Hertz. This most grandiose gesture represents a negligible improvement over the current 14 miles / 10€ expense now. Accompanying this change, however, is that all future spend on this card will no longer earn Air France qualifying status miles as it has in the past. This draconian move eliminates in my opinion the only worthwhile benefit of the French American Express card.

Moreover, the smelliest part of all this is AMEX France’s presentation of this modification as an “advantageous improvement.” Hogwash.

I feel betrayed, AMEX. French merchants are notorious for refusing to accept the Amex card because of your above-market transaction fees. I would regularly defend your side, AMEX, vigorously protesting against those merchants who try to talk me out of paying with my Amex card. I would even favor Amex-friendly merchants whenever possible with my patronage (for example, I always chose Go Sport over Decathlon).

That you have the audacity to mock clients like me by presenting this program change as a benefit turns me against you, AMEX France. I will express my displeasure with my pocketbook and discourage your other clients as well.

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