HTML5 vs Apps, a holy war or peaceful coexistence?

October 4, 2012

Like Yin vs Yang, Cain vs Abel, Coke vs Pepsi, another of the universe’s great dualities manifests itself in the face-off of HTML5 vs Apps. I share with you some domain carknowledge from the wisest man I know on this topic, BoosterMedia founder Laurens Rutten…

Not too long ago, the HTML5 developer camp was cheering its victory over Flash for mobile devices. A hype was born, with a little help from Steve. A true open technology had arrived and cross-platform application development would be bright and sunny from then on.


Now that the dust from the first excitement has settled, it is clear that HTML5 is just like any other technology, with its own pros and cons. For certain type of games, such as 3D shooters or fast-paced platformers, HTML5 performance is not optimal yet and native development could still be the logical choice.


But from BoosterMedia’s position in the center of the HTML5 gaming ecosystem, we see the technology maturing at full speed. Recently, hundreds of developers gathered in Warsaw to learn about the latest HTML5 gaming trends. Including, to name just one example, complete 3D game-engines.


Last week, Nick Earl, Senior VP of Global Mobile and Social Studios at Electronic Arts, spoke about a possible “holy war” between HTML5 and native-apps coming up. And to make the right bet, EA is preparing for both.


An increasing number of developers are utilizing the benefits of native and HTML5 technologies into one game. They find their way with ‘hybrid apps’ into the app-stores or distribute the games via the open mobile web directly. BoosterMedia believes in a peaceful coexistence instead of a war between ecosystems. Both web-based and native technologies are here to stay. But HTML5 has definitely passed beyond the hype.

Laurens Rutten, Founder and CEO of BoosterMedia

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