Another internship opportunity at Truffle Capital

November 15, 2012

If you’re interested in experiencing first-hand the daily grind of working in Venture Capital, I invite you to consider becoming an intern at Truffle Capital.

Here’s a summary of the position.


  • a dynamic and entrepreneurial individual with aspirations to spend 6 months working in a VC fund
  • authorized status in French university to qualify for a ‘stage’ (typically the French undergraduate business schools are the primary source of interns, but this is not a requirement. any French university could work.)
  • a self-starting individual able to work in an unstructured environment (read: fun but chaotic)
  • a comfort level with the digital media, mobile, and software domains
  • a willingness to perform a variety of professional tasks, some highly intellectually stimulating, others less so
  • proficiency in 2 of the following languages: French, English, Japanese, Portuguese


Not pre-requisites, but please highlight if you have a comfort level with any of the following:

  • new technologies in digital media or mobile apps
  • social media: twitter, wordpress, etc.
  • basic excel modeling
  • powerpoint slide creation
  • coding


Here’s what I can offer:

  • Low remuneration with no likelihood of a permanent position, however, the possibility of an endorsed recommendation into the private equity industry post-internship.
  • Exposure to an array of entrepreneurs and business ventures in the European tech space.
  • A chance to learn some of the methods, practices, and tools employed in the VC business, and an opportunity to contribute to their improvement.
  • A variety of tasks, ranging from quantitative to qualitative, analytical to motivational, and mundane to inspirational.
  • Practically unfettered access to investment pitches, board meetings, negotiations, strategy discussions, deal evaluations, and any other typical VC activities that occur during the period of the internship.

For interested candidates: please send me an email with a concise pitch of how you would be a good fit for the role based on the above explanation.

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