Respect to Hakuho

July 26, 2017

Some readers noticed how I omitted writing about sumo over the last two tournaments and wondered if I had something against (consecutive victor) Hakuho.

Not at all ! On the contrary, I admire Hakuho, the yokozuna who won the sumo championship in May and then again this week. I admit, Harumafuji is my preferred sumo wrestler of the four current yokozuna. I’ve been a fan of Harumafuji back from the days when his ring name was Ama, and I’ll never forget his first championship in Tokyo in September 2009.

However, I must confess I’ve been rooting for Hakuho as of late. Now that he has surpassed both Kaio and (my all-time favorite wrestler, the late/great) Chiyonofuji, it is hard to dispute that Hakuho represents one of the greatest rikishi that sumo has ever seen.

Much respect, Hakuho !


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